A lecture was held in the ATS on the theme of the sect

On the day february 28th 2018. the members of the Center for Security, Investigation and Defense of the DBA held a lecture at the Architectural Technical School in Belgrade on topic of secrecy and secrecy. Lectures were held within regular classes. <! – more ->

The training team, headed by the President of the DBA Center, Stevan Djokic, was in the following composition:
1. Nemanja Ivancic – President of Section 3 of the DBA Center – Fight against the sect
2. Isidora Milosavljevic – Secretary of Section 3 of the DBA Center – Fight against sects
3. Dusanka Misic – Secretary of Section 5 of the DBA Center – Antiterrorism
4. Zarko Gojkovic – President of KC Pancevo Center DBA
5. Dejan Vasic – Advisor in the Syndical Organization of the Gendarmerie

The DBA Center also had the support of the Gendarmerie Syndical Organization, which also sent its advisor who also took part in this training. The lectures were about how sects act and how young people can be protected. During these interactive classes, students asked questions and showed a good level of awareness when dealing with sects.

The Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA will work in the future to educate children and youth not only on the theme of sect, but also on topics of juvenile delinquency, safe internet surfing, traffic safety, drug addiction and much more.