A meeting with the President of the Municipality of Cukarica was held

On March 10, 2017, at 09:30, a meeting was held with the Mayor of Čukarica, Srđan Kolarić. He, at the initiative of the chairman of the DBA Center, Stevan Djokic, scheduled a meeting held in his cabinet.

The chairman of the Center for Security, Investigation and Defense of the DBA, Stevan Djokic, submitted a request for the meeting to the president of the municipality of Cukarica, Srdjan Kolariqi and the tactically stated topics that the DBA Center deals with during the education and holding of the forums.

The Mayor of Čukarica, Srđan Kolarić, said that he would support the work of the DBA Center on the submitted topics and to provide him with timely material and request for treasures and education when we plan to do them.

The Center for Security of Investigation and Defense of the DBA is pleased with the outcome of the meeting with the Mayor of Čukarica, a municipality where the premises of the DBA Center are located, and we certainly thank the President of the municipality and the employees of the municipality.