A new assault on a policeman – an attempt to murder a gendarme

Gendarme operative Boris Jevrosimov emerged as a winner in an incredible struggle for life and death with two attackers. In seven minutes he got more than 100 strokes, and with only a brave move, he managed to save himself and his wife.

Jevrosimov was wounded in a shooting that occurred on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday in Kisačka Street in Novi Sad when he and his wife attacked IP from Odzak and N. Ch. From Novi Sad.

Boris received a bullet-proof hand and is at the Clinic for Orthopedics at the Clinical Center of Vojvodina where doctors struggle to preserve his finger.
As we learn from sources in the police, Boris went with his wife about 22 o’clock at the dinner kennel in Kisačka Street and he saw two “suspicious characters” sitting in a parked car in front of the entrance.

When he and his wife returned from the races about two o’clock in the afternoon, they saw the same person sitting in the car and it was suspicious that they stayed in the same place for so long.

He continued with his wife, and I.P. и Н.Ч. Seeing that he was watching them, they began to summon him: “What is it? Is there any problem?” and they left the car and headed for Boris.

– Boris is an excellent dive operative in the true sense of the word. He immediately showed the official identity card to these guys, and while the document was being practiced, the attackers saw Boris’s belt pistol. Then came the worst insults: “What do you want a cops?” “You have a shot.” Come on … shoot if you can, “and attacked Boris.” His knightly colleagues are telling us.

They say that Boris and his wife, who came to his aid, saved only his skills and inner self, even in such a situation.

– They started to take Boris’s pistol and beat him. When the shot was heard, Boris was able to force himself and seized the pistol for the pipe, and stuck the cauldron in it. The attacker was trying to repetition the pistol, but failed because he obviously did not know that the trigger was stuck in this way, and that’s how Boris and his wife saved their lives – tell us Boris’s colleagues who still can not believe that something like that happened.

When they heard the shootings, the neighbors alarmed the police that quickly came to the scene and arrested the assailants, and Emergency aid was injured by Boris and transported his wife to the Emergency Center where they were found to have serious injuries.

Boris’s wife was diagnosed with a fracture of the hand and injuries to the foot with numerous bruises, and the brave policeman was diagnosed with numerous undercuts and prosthetic wounds. As it was established, the bullet broke the tendons and ligaments of the hand, and Boris was kept at the Orthopedics Clinic where physicians continue to struggle to preserve his finger.

Do not worry about a colleague
I.P. и Н.Ч. a detention was ordered and charged with attempted murder and serious injuries. Boris’s colleagues hope that the application will be changed after a snapshot of a mild event from a camera of a company located across the points where the incident occurred. – It’s terrible that this work is not qualified as an attempt to kill a policeman, but we hope that this will be quickly changed. And, it’s terrible that when that happened, none of the elders came to visit a colleague and ask him how he is. It turns out that only criminals visit when they are wounded – Boris’s colleagues are telling us furiously.

News taken from Blic.ra