A seminar “Self-Defense for Women” in Leskovac was successfully held

About 70 women yesterday learned the basic rules on how to suppress an attacker or abuser at traditional free Self-Defense Self-Defense Seminar for women who for the seventh time organizes the Ninjutsu Club Bujinkan Leskovac.

Women could learn everything about self-defense and the preservation of their own lives in situations that threaten the health and life of an individual, and at the seminar, a member of the club, Milos Djikic, assistant commander of the police department Sever in Leskovac, spoke about domestic violence, while members and members of the club shared their experiences of successfully solving street attacks.

“The thematic units included in the lectures are the psychology of the attackers, the anatomy and vital points, the execution of blows, effective self-defense techniques, situational training, improvised weapons, tactical self defense, combined techniques, defense on the earth and preserve life. During the whole event, the atmosphere was extremely pleasant and positive, which is of great importance for our club, because only in such conditions is good results achieved, “emphasizes Vladimir Stevanovic, the instructor at the seminar, the certified Ninjutsu instructor and the carrier of the black belt VII day.

Center DBA also supported this seminar.

“We believe that such training needs to be maintained in all cities in Serbia and, therefore, raise the awareness of women that they have to take care of their safety. Our coordination centers from other cities also successfully held seminars on this topic. Soon we will be working in our city of seminars, educational workshops on topics that today are often a problem of society, such as: juvenile delinquency, peer violence, domestic violence, drug abuse … “, said the President of the Coordination Center Leskovac, Petar Petrovic.

This organization, which is engaged in the development and improvement of the field of security, investigation and defense, will continue to work with the Ninjutsu club, which intends to continue this tradition and to train and inform as many women as possible about self-protection and personal security every year.

Coordination Center Leskovac
President K.C. Leskovac
Petar Petrovic