A year from the disappearance of Barbara Vitez

It has been a year since the disappearance of Barbara Vitez, a student of the Central Economics School in Senta. She was 15 years old, and on November 25th she went to her friend on her birthday and did not return … for a year now …

The Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA does not doubt the work of our police, and we believe that much was done in the beginning on the occasion of Barbar’s disappearance. However, after a year, we wonder how long this investigation and the search for Barbaro arrived? Is there any evidence to confirm the claims that Barbara was in Tisza? What is the cooperation with the police from the surrounding countries in this case? Did you give up searching for Barbara? When and what is the last thing about the search for Barbara?

We believe that for every question there is an answer, as well as that there is an answer to the main question: Where is Barbara Vitez? …

All the rumors came to the miserable parents and there were various people who allegedly had some information, was this checked?

We do not doubt our police and we believe that in the coming period they will do even more and more to pay attention to this case, and we, as an organization and all the people of good will, who are ready to help, will be of great help to them.

Press Release, November 25, 2017. – Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA