Alcohol is the most widespread psychoactive drug. The reason is its easy production, availability and fast performance.
Alcoholism is a disease that occurs due to uncontrolled and regular use of beverages.
Alcohol is a person who is not able to control drinking alcohol. Such a person has difficulties in the family, in the workplace and in himself.
The psychoactive effect of alcohol has two phases and two forms. A short time after taking a moderate amount of alcohol, there is a feeling of relaxation, ease and increased strength. At the same time, there is less self-control, increased security in oneself, and tendency to express. The effect of prolonged drinking (use) of alcohol is different.

There are disturbances in speech, movements, poor thinking and self-control, general fatigue and sleep. Too large quantities can cause death.
Alcohol acts as follows:
1. Destroys a person who is drinking:
a) disturb life
b) destroys self-esteem and respect by others
c) attacks health, safety, happiness
d) shortens life
2. Damages the family:
a) leads to poverty, illness, divorce, crime, suicide
b) preventing the development of children, taking care of them and their future
3. To consider working success:
a) reducing efficiency at work leads to a false feeling of better performance
b) increases the number of accidents at work
c) endangers others from their environment
* Alcohol is often a cause of battles, attacks, robberies, and killings !!!
Long-term effects of drinking alcohol:
1. Food rations: Alcohol is not food. The body needs food, but it can not be taken while alcohol is in it. That’s why the organism is weakening.
2. Damage to the body: Brain, nerves, heart, kidneys, liver, and stomach.
3. Leads to mental disorders: fear, hallucination.
* The highest percentage of traffic accidents is caused by the fact, often small quantities of alcohol.
Types of alcoholics
Alcoholics are divided into periodical and everyday.
Periodic alcoholics drink alcohol with interruptions. They can not drink alcohol for a long time. The drinking period lasts from one to several days continuously. They are often aggressive, verbally and physically drunk.
Everyday alcoholics drink through the infusion system from the morning. They are aborted briefly (3 to 4 days) exclusively due to health problems (grip, exhaustion). Alcoholics from this group, in most cases, are quiet drunks, passive and incapable of actively participating in everyday obligations in the family and work.
* Alcohol can not solve problems, but only create new ones.
Alcoholism can be treated. The most important thing in the treatment is to abstain from alcohol (abstinence). It does not only depend on “strong will”, because alcohol is dependent on alcohol. This can only be achieved through physical and psychiatric treatment, if an alcoholic wants to heal. Medicines and psychological therapy are used individually and collectively for many times and in special institutions.


Author: Ljilja Dostanic