Andrej Karlov shot from the back

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrej Karlov passed away after firing a firearm at the opening of an exhibition of photographs in Ankara, Turkish media reported. Karlov was transferred to a hospital with severe wounds, and several others were wounded in the attack. Turkish Interior Minister Sulejman Soylu arrived at the scene of the accident.

The attack took place at an exhibition titled “Russia to the eyes of the Turks,” Sputnik said. The eyewitnesses said it was an assassination. The assassin fired 8 bullets in Karlovo. An armed man shot Karlovo from the back, while he finished speaking at the opening of the exhibition. Apparently, this is an attacker on the ambassador. And, as the agency’s agents reported, the assailant shouted at the parole regarding Alep.

Turkish media have confirmed that an assassin was being carried out by a Turkish ambassador to Russian Ambassador Andrew Karlov. Ankara officials confirmed tonight that the Russian ambassador’s killer was identified as a Turkish policeman. The mayor of Ankara, Melih Gokchek, said: “The attacker is a policeman,” the mayor announced on Twitter. The list “Jeni Safak” on the website announced that the attacker Mevlut Mert Atlintas was in the unit for breaking demonstrations in Ankara. According to the first information, the wounded Russian ambassador in Ankara was behind him. He allegedly presented himself as a policeman, showed a police badge, and thus infiltrated himself among the security officers of Ambassador Andrew Karlov!
Atlintas was born in 1994 and completed a police school in Izmir. He shot the ambassador in the back while concluding his speech at the opening of the photo exhibition “Russia in the eyes of the Turks”. He fired 11 rounds of Iranian heroin three more people. After the shooting, the ambassador fell and the police liquidated the attacker. The terrorist shouted “Alah akbar! This is for innocent killed victims. This is for Alep,” after which he shot at the ambassador from his back!

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