Caution at ATMs!

A few days ago, the customs officers found three devices, popularly known as the “Lebanese Tile”, used in theft of payment card data when used at ATMs in Gradina in a car of Bulgarian registration plates.

Namely, this is the device that thieves place on the ATM, or at the card entrance. It is practically imperceptible and it is made in such a way that it does not distort the appearance of the ATM. A victim when inserting a card into an ATM machine and does not know that the card has been read out to her other than at the ATM and on the mentioned device that keeps the data in it on the flash memory or sd card. A small hidden camera that is set up in many ways, also does not disturb the look of the ATMs “catches” the victim’s pin code. After that thieves make a data card and remove money from the victim’s account.

These kinds of fraud are mostly common in the past few years. In Serbia, there have been such and such scams, but much less, which does not mean that they will not be anymore in the future. For this reason, the Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA Department urges all people to pay attention when withdrawing cash from ATMs.

In the following videos you can see how these scams work.