Contract signed with the Center for the Advancement of Society

On May 10th this year, a Cooperation Agreement with the Center for the Advancement of Society was signed. The contract refers to joint actions within individual projects.

The “Center for the Advancement of Society” is an organization that monitors and analyzes the position of vulnerable groups in society, both in the country, in the world and in the sociological aspect, advocates and highlights the burning issues at the forefront. In his team, he brings together people who are expert in their field of work and do not have a job, as well as persons with a high capacity of persons with disabilities, Roma, as well as people who have many years of experience in the non-governmental sector, all of whom we teach and especially students volunteer in our organization. The Center’s engagements are divided by the following areas: Children and Youth Team, Adult Team, Elderly Team, IT Team.

The Center for the Advancement of Society currently brings together several target groups: 40 parents with disabilities, 40 single parents, 150 endangered families from Savski Venac municipality, 20 children without parental care.

The Center for the Advancement of Society, since it is a young organization (registered in 2014), succeeded in some of these topics to be initiated and implemented by 12 projects with a wider public administration, with the support of some 70 donors, 2 manifestations, 2 hunanitarian actions, 5 other actions to support vulnerable groups.