The social order has always proved to be unstable, with numerous and complex struggles of interests that permanently generate threats and threats. Even the most stable societies were not exempt from acts of violence, fanatics, madmen, or hurried judges. The custodians of peace and social order have always been faced with violent attacks by those who do not accept the order of law they regard as a form of oppression, and social stability and tranquility as a form of disguised tyranny.

Modern society is constantly evolving, changing and implicitly with it, and the threats and forms of social, moral, integral aggression. Combating these threats is only through continuous training, adequate and always in step with everyday changes.

The courses presented help to develop codes of conduct and good practices in the field of people protection, understanding and forming basic principles that will underpin any personal development in the field.

The Close Protection range is a slight development on the Romanian market, but it has a strong resonance on the foreign market. A fragile domain with enormous implications, which requires rigorous and appropriate training.

The Romanian Bodyguard Federation (RBF) is the only organization competent and recommended to provide training at a high level for specialization through the experience gained through the relations with the operators in the field on the external market, through the contacts and the exchange of experience with different foreign state structures of the Body Guard Agent, in accordance with the legislation in force.

For the most effective coverage of all criteria, the course is structured on two modules, designed both on theoretical background and practical courses, thus contributing to a better consolidation of acquired knowledge.


Introduction – CP History
Case studies
Rules of professional ethics and protocol;
Special Battle Techniques L1 – Level 1 (KARATE, KRAV MAGA, SAMBO, JUDO) – attack rejection, disarmament, immobilization;
Pedestrian formations and devices;
Specific first aid;
VIP evacuation and protection techniques and maneuvers;
Initiation in gunning technique (normative, security technique, weapon handling, shooting positions, etc.);
Specific terminology.

Required: Tactical training suit (boots, trousers, blouse / t-shirt).

Airsoft replicas are allowed.


Planning and profiling: Retrieve and process VIP information
Special Purpose Battle Techniques (L2 = Level 2)
Defensive driving – techniques of driving and car handling.
Shooting techniques with lethal weapon – course in polygon)
Advanced security: search procedures, body searches.
This module focuses on practical evidence consisting of different VIP protection scenarios in: restaurant, scene, street, club, car, mall, etc.

Required: Tactical training suit (boots, trousers, blouse / t-shirt) and office suit.

Airsoft replicas are allowed.