Created site for help finding Barbara Vitez

Late on the eighth of March, the site has been created, aimed at helping to uncover the truth and find the missing Barbara Vitez. The site is owned by Barbar’s parents and the entire concept of the site was designed by members of the Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA. The site itself will also be able to read news related to the case, but at some point in one section of the site we will also have information with photographs and for others that have disappeared on the territory of Serbia.

It’s been more than a year since Barbara’s disappearance. It has not yet been found and the case is kind of tapping in place. The question is how the case was designed because the parents of small Barbara do not receive any information from the competent institutions. It is sad that in Serbia a child may disappear without anyone knowing anything and that institutions are closing in. Nevertheless, her parents and we all trust the authorities and we expect it to run around this case because we live in a law-abiding state with good laws. We are here to help these institutions as much as we can in our power and to try to make these cases never again …

Stevan Djokic