Dangerous games Blue Whale and Avatar Music

The Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA calls on parents to check regularly their phones and computers. Let them get to know the games their children play because lately games that not only affect the lives of children have appeared, but they are extremely dangerous for their lives.

Blue whale, синий кит – A game that has so far led to the death of 130 teenagers, mostly in Russia and surrounding countries. This game has begun and expanded, and it’s interesting for teenagers to compete for the competition, as much as anyone can go away. By installing this game, the victim enters into one of the groups that have been formed, and they are faced with certain tasks in the form of challenges. At first, these are banal and funny things, but later it crosses the boundaries and enters something banned and dangerous. Self-denial is something that game admins at some point are looking for from players, so you can often see photos of teenagers who snap their hands on the wristblast, write the name of the group they belong to, draw the whale on your hand … It goes so far as to at some point, players are required to commit suicide. Most often jump from a high building, under a train, a car … while someone else, most often from the group, has to shoot it.
Famous groups related to blue whale are # F57 # 58 #Whales float up #Wake me up at 4:20 #Silent House.

Avatar Music

is a game of a different character, but also a very dangerous, manipulative game. It’s a social charter, like the Secound Life game that has been popular for some time, not just for teenagers, but for a little older population. Avatar Music is a game that draws players into your world by separating them from reality. It happened that many in this game are running not only all day, but also the night and so on in the endless. By playing this game, the victims are totally separated from real life and close people who become their aliens at some point. Neretko leave their families and leave without reporting, a totally changed mind. These are the guilty admins in this game who also spend a lot of time in that virtual world looking for victims. Admins are very intelligent, they know the answer to every question, they know everything about every player who makes the profile, manipulates the players. This game is something like a virtual sect.

Parents should check the phones and computers of their children and if you notice these games you must uninstall and block them. To talk to their children about the games they play but not to tell them what these dangerous games are doing because they could then awaken the wrong occupation in them, and they would install them for some reason.

Center DBA
Stevan Djokic