Defeating research results

The results of the research conducted by the AŽC in the previous period, regarding violence, can be freely called the devastating. Namely, within the campaign “I can not, Love is not violence,” a survey was conducted aimed at teaching young people, above all women to recognize violent patterns in partnership relations and do not agree with them.

The research has yielded devastating results because every fourth young man and every tenth girl think that slapping is not violence. Also, it is justifiable sometimes to hit a partner, thinks every tenth boy, while this statement agrees with 3.2 percent of the girls surveyed. Sexual harassment as part of jokes and growing up is, for example, completely acceptable to every fourth young man, while only 25 girls think the same.

The Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA believes that such research results are devastating and that it is necessary to urgently start with education that will be held in schools and companies, but also with strong media campaigns. All this requires the involvement of local self-government and the state. We believe that the trainers of these trainings should be police officers who undergo special training to prevent family violence. Only good education can provide an adequate prevention. DBA Security, Investigation and Defense Department is ready to participate in these training sessions.