Drugs – a big problem of society

drug-addiction-1The problem of drug addiction is more and more often the problem of our society. According to police data, between 70 and 80 percent of young people aged 15 to 25 were in contact with narcotic drugs. In recent years, the border has dropped to the age of 12 years and there are registered drug users who attend the sixth, seventh grade of the Elementary School.

There are no light drugs! Every drug is dangerous because its action drastically reduces the ability to work, learn and concentrate. Some drugs create psychic addiction, it is reflected in the fact that drug addict relies on drugs in situations of tension, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, emotional crisis. Other types of drugs create physical dependence, that is, the dependence of tissue on the drug, where the organism can not even one day without substance, which means that the organism needs a constant concentration of blood in order to function “normally”. Abrupt interruption leads to a crisis.

Drug addiction as a disease of addiction does not affect only drug addicts. She’s an introduction to something much bigger. In addition to increasing the possibility of getting serious infectious diseases, drug addiction brings people into problems with the law and problems with the family. It is very important that someone who is a drug addict wants to cure, because healing is possible. It is very important that after the detoxification process the family is included in the healing process.


The situation in our country is alarming and troubling when drug addiction is in question. This is mostly due to the fact that young people most often deny the harmful effects of drugs. In addition, they often share them with light and heavy drugs, not knowing that very easily from so-called light drugs turns to severe, the reason is that after a period of drug use there is a tolerance to the drug, and the dose is increased in order to achieve an effect that Zadlovaljava. When the drug that they call lightly ceases to “work”, it moves to a stronger substance. You do not have to split the drugs into heavy and heavy. Drugs are drugs, whatever it was.

How to recognize if someone is a drug addict: changes in behavior, longer absence from home, periodic separation from the household and locking into a room or other room, sudden mood swings, disrupted sleep rhythms, changes in work at work or at school, loss of will and concentration, lack of interest in earlier hobbies, a new company or girlfriend with whom she does not want to meet you, weight loss, increased spending of money, theft of money, objects or valuables from home, aggressive behavior caused by some drugs, secret conversations or incomprehensible sms messages …


e5797deeDepending on the psychoactive substances and their impact, by taking, you may notice the following: incomprehensible, unrelated, fast, or slow and difficult speech, a person can even speak with himself, or paranoid ideas can be very aggressive, verbal, and physically or extremely happy without a clear reason for frequent bursts of laughter, can often have bloody eyes, pupils are either as a head of a chest or very enlarged; often their eyes are, they can not sleep or sleep for a long time so that the person can hardly wake the person. All of these signs do not have to be present together, but if someone enters the problem of addiction to psychoactive substances, you will notice at least a few, which is enough to take decisive steps to solve the problem.





Author: Stevan Djokic