Dunja Reljic: Untruthful claims by the Belgrade Center for Security Policy

Statement by Dunja Reljic from the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

“A thousand times spoken lies will never become true. As much as the Belgrade Center for Security Policy thinks it will happen anyway, and with its tendentious and untrue allegations of various issues in its negative, selective and obviously highly targeted campaign, I tell them that this will not happen. I urge the BCSP to publicly answer the question of why it continually exhorts a negative campaign against the Ministry of the Interior and for whose interests it is working?

Today, for them, they are again up-to-date, repeatedly denied and all known lies, about the alleged bad practice during public procurement in the MUP. The only question after a thousand attempts to make lies becomes true is why this organization continues to deceive the public, and with what goals, that is, whose goal?

As they continue to falsely claim that the MUP conducted “unscrupulous procurement of a large amount of original toners”, I will remind them again that the public procurement of toner, which was conducted this year through an open procedure, is only a framework agreement for the next three years, which in no way represents the obligation of the Ministry of Interior to buy as many toners as possible, but only the possibility to conclude the contract in the quantities that are necessary. Bearing in mind that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has conducted the rationalization of printing by replacing more ordinary printers with one multifunctional, the framework agreement on the purchase of toner will not be realized more than 40 percent. More precisely, more than twice as much money will be spent than is stipulated by the framework agreement.

It’s crazy to talk about the loss of one million euros that the BCBP states. Also, since they state that it could have been purchased 100 new patrol vehicles, fire trucks and uniforms, I remind them again, although I think they know perfectly that the MUP has purchased seven times more patrol vehicles, uniforms for members of the SAJ, border police, police interventions, gendarmerie …

Today, too, again concerned about the 48 public procurements of the Ministry of the Interior, which the Republic Commission for the Protection of Rights canceled or terminated in the last four years, I must emphasize that the largest number refers to partial cancellation, which returns the procedure to the stage of expert evaluation of the contracting authority. To remind you of something they are certainly aware of, the Ministry of the Interior, which, as one of the largest budget users, conducts annually between 400-500 procurement procedures. These 48 cases in the last four years represent a minimal number, negligible. The number of partially canceled and canceled procedures is entirely below the republican average.

Apart from various other painful points of the negative campaign of this organization, they also disregard the fact that the municipality of Vozdovac donated new patrol vehicles to the police. I would not be able to link this with the previously taken care that we could get a new one, for the amount they listed, which does not exist. They are bothered by four donated vehicles “Fiat 500L”? Again quite contradictory, I read various comments that created public discontent over why the MUP did not acquire “fiat” but “damage”. Before agreeing attitudes and opinions, I urge them to read out what local Security Councils are and what their obligations are, maybe some things will be clearer to them.

Given that they are so concerned about the Ministry of the Interior and are engaged in serious research work, I would ask them another methodological question, and again their malevolence and obvious tendency – again why they interpreted and presented the results of the research on the attitudes of the members of the police unions. as the views of the police as a whole? They probably think that by placing an online survey without user access control and sample selection, they can even claim this first? I do not understand why they consider that their lumpy research on the work of the MUP will overcome the confidence of citizens in the police that grows year after year, or, say, the opinion of most police officers about their material situation, which has been unequivocally improved. Let the Belgrade Center for Security Policy not only care for the MUP. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is doing everything according to law, research by rules, and only the verified information and facts are disclosed to the public. It is our duty towards the citizens of Serbia. ”

Text from mup.gov.rs