Foundation “Mahir and Aleksa” founded in Sarajevo

Alisa Mahmutović and Dubravko Lovrenović, the mother and stepmother of the tragically deceased boy Mahir Rakovac, are founders of the Foundation for the Prevention of Peer Violence and Violence against Youth “Mahir and Aleksa”. They together with Dragan Jankovic from Nis, mother of Alekse’s boyfriend, who, like Mahir, committed suicide, founded a foundation with the goal of preventing inter-ministerial violence through short-term and long-term programs.

“Our desire is to prevent peer violence and bullying by working and acting in a practical and academic way, so that the future of our boys in the future would not have experienced any more children,” explained Mahmutović.

According to Lovrenović, who is also the Executive Director of the Foundation, their first short-term goal is to raise awareness of the perniciousness of peer violence and bullying.

“People do not know at all what the difference between peer violence and bullying is, and there is a fundamental difference. Unfortunately, people have not yet correctly identified this problem, which is why they can not even solve it. Only long-term and continuous work on raising awareness among teachers, students and the wider community, with the change of existing regulations that have their own good sides, but they are inapplicable, so that with the support of the cantonal Assembly it is necessary to innovate well, we can do something significant, “added is Lovrenovic.

After Sarajava, branches will open in Nis and Belgrade, claims Mahir Rakovec, the stepfather. The Jankovic family accepted the initiative from Sarajevo.

“Regardless of the fact that the foundation was founded in Sarajevo, where the wife is a census book of this foundation, we expect that she will already come to life, already by now, than these formal sittings when it comes to signing in Serbia. And she, as I said, already lives through some of our activities … “, says Bojan Jankovic, father of Alekse Jankovic.

Center for security, investigation and defense DBA supports this initiative. We think it is very important that the whole society engages in this and do something for the children … for the future. We must not forget either Mahir or Alex because their fate should remind us that such things never happen again …