How Serbia sets itself up towards migrants

The basic mistake repeated by all European countries that received the largest number of migrants was that they grouped them in one area. At first, they masked the problem, removing them out of the sight of the indigenous people, but with the increase in the number on the small space that was originally intended, there was an explosion of radicalism and they began to occupy the surrounding buildings and then the streets. If Serbia is forced to accept a certain number of these people due to joining the EU, we must distribute them accordingly. It is no coincidence that they will not inhabit the abandoned villages of eastern Serbia, but will receive them in cities where they will be a minority, and they will not allow them to group in one place, but to distribute them evenly. This is the only way for the possibility of their integration into the domestic way of life. Everything else leads to ghettoization, radicalism, extremism and ultimately terrorism.

Migration itself can be a factor in endangering the way of life in Europe and the destruction of the system of values ​​that we are accustomed to. I can not support the view that there are only illegal migrations that some participants in the forum called the danger. Illegal migrations under which they probably consider illegal border crossings are a danger due to the development of crime related to them, such as trafficking in human beings, forgery of documents, as well as crossing persons with a criminal past. However, the incomparably greater security problem is the arrival of migrants in a million numbers, even if they cross the border of the European Union at the border crossing with regular passports. Because the security problem is not just what we currently see, the crime we detect immediately. Security is a much more complicated concept than it relates to a complete atmosphere, an experience of feeling that you are safe. It is this sense of security that disappears in the parts of Europe where migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan live. This is because they bring with them the great cultural differences that are unacceptable for us to Europeans, which leads Europeans to leave the settlements where migrants are accommodated, , no-go “zone.

A particular problem that the EU’s security services face is the absence of the will of the newcomers to fit into the European way of life.

On the contrary, they strive to emphasize their individuality and the differences between their way of life and the European, in which they do not deny the European, but condemn it as punitive and contrary to their own faith. In fact, this is the main problem. Namely, the migrants see religious differences in all of them and they refer to their belief in the boycott of the European way of life. Extremely rare cases of admission to the European way of life. The differences were visible on the images of the arrest of terrorists 2017 in Brussels where in just a few minutes from the EU institutions there are migrant settlements that have nothing in common with Europe and Brussels.
There are several tens of such zones in Europe, Paris and several other cities in France, then there are in Sweden, Germany. These are areas where the sharia is ruled, where the police do not enter, and should speak as loudly as the advocates of receiving millions of migrants they talk about human rights.

Ilija Zivotic,
President of Section 5 Terrorism-Antiterrorism of the Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA