How to become a bodyguard security officer (CPO) in high risk zones

Representatives of the Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA attended an international conference organized by the System Training Academy on March 26th at the Sava Center. A very interesting and informative conference attracted a large number of people who attended and had the opportunity to get to know the most important facts when it comes to training and employment in high risk zones.

The conference was opened by Nebojsa Ivanovic, director of the System Training Academy, an institution that, since the implementation of the Law on Private Security, is carrying out a program of professional training for performing physical and technical protection of persons and property and maintaining order at sports events, public gatherings and other gathering places. Our colleagues at the System Training Academy have been conducting training for PMC (Private Security Contractor) and PSD (Peronal Security Detail), which have been internationally certified.
Nebojša Ivanović, a man with great experience, explained to the audience the basic issues related to the possibility of employment in the countries of the Middle East and Africa. He stated that the most important thing is that candidates hold a high school diploma, that they are not punished with criminal responsibility and that they have passed a certain certified training.

“International Terrorism and Prevention” was the first point of this conference, and the word is given to Predrag Balcacanovic, one of the founders and president of the Serbian Association of Bodyguards who, in addition to the System Training Academy, is the only one in Serbia with serious training for bodyguards with international licenses. Their certificates are recognized in over forty member states of the World Association of Bodyguards.
Predrag Balcacanovic referred to the problem of poor cooperation between the state and private security sectors, which, in the opinion of the Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA, is not at the level that should be. We have examples of good cooperation even in the countries in the region, but since private security in Serbia is still In the beginning and that the laws on this issue will change, we expect that cooperation will be strengthened. He also stated that the problems of terrorism are very little processed in Serbia, that the least is done on the prevention of not only terrorism but also other criminal activities.

After Predrag, the attendees were addressed by Jakov Prolic, Director of Instructor 300 from Croatia and Security Advisor from UNOPS. He repeated to the attendees some basic things about the possibility of employment in high-risk areas, explained the difference between CP (Close Protection) and PMC (Private Military Contractor), working conditions, training and everything that matters. What has been said by Mr. Prolic are the basic and most important things that you did not have anywhere to hear. Otherwise, Mr. Prolic has not only been training for years, he has also carried out the work of security advisers at the UNOPS mission in Somalia. All the information that was presented was received first-hand and from the right man.

Training course:
SIA license – 14 days or training according to Israeli standards – 21 days (you can work with one of these two lance but the Israeli concept is much better and more acceptable)

From $ 3,500 to $ 12,000

High school diploma
The candidate does not have a criminal record

It’s important to note that nobody guarantees you a job, because it depends exclusively on the candidate, but you certainly have the help of Mr. Prolic who teaches you how to conduct an interview for the job, which is an important item.

All other information can be obtained from Nebojsa Ivanovic from the System Training Academy via email