HRKALOVIC: Police in Pecinci reacted immediately

State Secretary at the MIA Dijana Hrkalovic said today that the claims of the president of the new party, Zoran Zivkovic, were false, that the police did not immediately react in connection with the application of the official of that party, Jelena Grujic Ristic, about the fall of unknown persons to her house in Pecinic.

– It is absolutely untrue claims by Zoran Živković and Marinko Tepić that the police did not do their job in connection with the application of Jelena Grujić Ristic and that the police investigation started only three hours after her call. The patrol from the Police Station in Pecinci went out on the field immediately after the victim’s report was reported at 19.45 pm that unknown persons broke into her house, and the police-scrutiny team provided the face of the place at 20.15 hours, so that it would not be disturbed – said Hrkalović.

She told Tanjug that the competent prosecutor from Ruma was immediately informed of the incident, which, he alleged, ordered that he immediately begin the investigation.

– A crime technician from the Police Directorate in Ruma was sent to the top spot as well, since the Police Station in Pecinci has no technician – explained Hrkalovic.
According to him, the criminal technician joined the team that already worked on the field after getting in.

– In consultation with the competent prosecutor’s office, the police take all measures and actions in order to clarify this event. Also, since a member of the New Party reported to the police that it feels threatened, the police will intensify patrol activities in order to secure the safety of the Ristic family in the future, Hrkalovic said.