KFOR’s behavior for every condemnation!

Attitude KFOR in an allegedly neutral position is scandalous and unacceptable, says security expert Ilija Zivotic, from the Center for security, investigation and defense DBA, in connection with the attack by Pristina authorities on Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

For every conviction, KFOR’s behavior, whose representative Vicenza Grazo has stated that they will not interfere because it was a police action. Does that mean that Albanians can fall to the North every day and on the pretext that the police action is to arrest a 3/4 more citizen? Also, a statement by KFOR spokespersons that the situation is peaceful and stable is, at the very least, a humiliation for Serbs who did not sleep all night because of the brutal force of Albanians. It is extremely difficult in these situations to remain calm but also to restrain the people who are justifiably afraid of their neighbors not to go out on the streets and to set up barricades or to be self-advocated to protect themselves from the terror of the Albanian police, “Zivotic said. He adds that the latest developments have revealed what many feared – that there is no Serb to protect anyone in Kosmet.

Finally, the masks fell, KFOR and NATO knew that violence was being prepared, but they all comforted us not to come to him, as was confirmed by the president of Serbia. We must not allow us to provoke us because the Albanians of the larger scale conflict are the only options that can achieve the goal, which is ethnically pure Kosovo and Metohija, in what we have seen today, but also recently in the Gazivode case they have a tacit consent of NATO and KFOR, and an incredibly lukewarm attitude EU.

Ilija Zivotic