Minister Stefanovic stepped in to defend the police

The Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA praises the position of Minister Stefanovic who publicly stood up in defense of policemen who are doing their job. In the morning program, TV Pink defended the police’s reputation in the morning program, and on the latest developments in which policemen exercising their duty and doing everything according to the law, deprived the lives of criminals.

We think that this is a move by Minister Stefanovic for every compliment, because he explained what everyone should know, which is the legal procedure and authority that police officers use when using weapons. Citizens who could read headlines in some media in which the main words “policeman killed” create the wrong picture of not only that policeman, but the entire police. What some media did not write is the fact that these policemen reacted in accordance with the legal authority prescribed by the Law on the Police.

In addition, Minister Stefanovic has announced a salary increase for MIA employees, but also an extraordinary payment. This commitment by the Minister is commendable because we all know that cops are doing a very difficult and demanding job. The desire and efforts of the Minister of the Minister to win the salary increase in the security sector is proof that Mr. Stefanovic works in the interests of the police, but also of all citizens, because to remind, the police are here to protect the citizens.

Stevan Djokic