Press Release on the occasion of the attempted murder of a gendarme

The Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA strongly condemns the new attack on the police. This time it was the gendarmer Boris Jevrosimov. He was also his wife, who was also seriously injured.

Not only do we condemn the attack on Boris and his wife, but once again we appeal to the Minister, Mr. Stefanovic, to protect our people, because they will protect them, and protect us, the ordinary people, who are terrified by this unfortunate event.

The video that has evolved shows the clear intent of the attackers not only to disrupt Boris, but also to intend to kill him. If such things happen to policemen, what ordinary people can expect on the street?

Stronger penal policy, more power in the event of an attack, that’s what’s needed. We call again the authorities to increase the minimum prescribed penalty for this kind of work.

In addition to all this, in the media we can only read the initials of the attackers, potential killers. We ask that in these situations the name and surname be printed, because these people may live close to one of us, such people should be scared.

The question is, what will happen to the arrested people and how much will they condemn them? If you look at the video, you will see another very strange thing, and this is the fact that they have been living with these people for a few minutes. Upon the arrival of the police interventions, they did not even try to escape, even though it was their own way to such people. Who are these people? !!!