Press release on the occasion of new terrorist attacks

Yesterday the terrorists were again active. The assassination, the terrorist attack in Turkey, was killed by the Russian ambassador, Andrej Karlov, and in the capital of Germany, Berlin, again we had a similar situation like in Nice, the terrorist got into the masses by truck.

We are witnesses that terrorists have evolved in their crazy activities and that they do not use more bombs. Nice, and now Berlin, are indicative of the use of terrorists by other means to carry out their actions. It is not necessary to buy bombs and other weapons, but it is enough to steal or take away a truck and do what is done in these two cities. Will the terrorists stop at this? … Of course, I will not regret it. Should we be afraid of new and different terrorist attacks? … Very likely. For that reason, one should admire what the experts from the world’s anti-terrorist and anti-terrorist services warned … and that is to avoid as much as possible public gatherings, shopping malls, markets and more … Compared with the families of the killed.

Another worrying phenomenon is that these terrorists were identified very quickly, and that as refugees, asylum seekers went through the Balkan route. It means that they have gone through Serbia properly … Do we even know how many of them who are passing through Serbia have contacts with terrorists? … Difficult … Although Serbia is the country where the entry of each refugee is registered, it is practically impossible to determine who is a terrorist. Also, these people who come as refugees are prone to making problems and incidents, both abroad and in our country.

In addition, what many do not understand and what we have written in front of the Center for Security is the fact that the refugee wave itself is a type of terrorist attack. This terrorist act is aimed at destabilizing states and striking the economy. In support of this, there are also facts about a drastic rise in prices in some countries, as well as charging the budget from funds that did not seem to be the case before, an example of a toll in Germany. Of course, there is also the rate of crime that has risen dramatically in some countries. The question is why it’s about this and why the real data is hidden. Officials say there is no link between terrorists and refugees … but is that so?

A strange thing happened in Turkey. The Russian ambassador was killed. He was killed by a former policeman, from the back, at a gathering where there were more people, where they “scheduled” security services. Did they actually schedule? … The terrorist, the assassin, managed to bring the weapon on a set, even though there were doors with a metal detector. They say that he had an official ID card with him, so he managed to get through the detector. Where did the former policeman, who took part in “some kind of” attempt of the coup, official identity card and badge? … As this assassination happened, it all points to the fact that it had been designed and made a plan earlier. Of course, we will never find it all because the Turkish police, instead of arresting, killed the killer. Did they have to kill him? … Whoever stands behind this terrorist attack, will remain a secret … Summing up the family of the killed ambassador and all of Russia …

President of the DBA Center
Stevan Djokic