Say NO to legalization of marijuana

The Center for Security, Investigation and Defense of the DBA strongly condemns the public call for the legalization of marijuana sent by our famous makeup artist Jelena Maćić through social networks.

We consider it unacceptable that this public propagation of narcotics consumption goes without condemnation. The legalization of any drug can only cause harmful effects, and those who consume marijuana and those who advocate for its legalization are not aware of it.

Many believe that marijuana belongs to light drugs and is not dangerous. Center DBA believes that there are no light and heavy drugs, drugs are drugs and do not need to be legalized, and we oppose any propaganda aimed at the promotion and legalization of any drugs.

We do not deal with politics, and we do not go into the fact whether this is a political move by Jelena Maćić, but certainly it was politically or not, we must all condemn it as a whole society. By raising the borders with the possible legalization of marijuana, we would only get bad things, and for that reason we need to raise a voice against all those who, through the proposals for legalization of drugs, try to bring down Serbia.