Sect – a modern monster of the society

The term sect
The word “sect” comes from the Latin word “sequi”, which means follow. The encyclopaedic definition of the sect says that it is a small group of like-minded people who have separated from the mother of religion into another, independent religious group.
The modern definition of the sect is:
The sects are organizations formally and informally registered, which use ignorance or weakness situations to commit fraudulent abuse, or mental manipulation of membership, leading to physical or psychological addiction or illness.

Types of sects
The sects are varied, ranging from minor individuals, groups of several individuals, to serious organizations with more than a million members, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, baptists, mormons, various Protestant denominations of over 30,000 in the world …

The activity of the sect
Sects work in various ways. Here we will list several aspects that we know:

Individually –
Considering the spiritual fallen state and the very low religious awareness in Serbia (we can bargain in the chest as much as we want, after a few decades of working with people, we realized that religious awareness is at a very low level, it can be said, (almost straight nuli) people often do not know the basic concepts of their faith and the teachings that are offered to them, they are not sure what they believe, although they are baptized, glorified, often baptized when they walk past the church, even more than they need.As the average “believer” it is often not established in the faith, individuals come up with their own learning, make a psychological profile of the “future members” of their ranks and move into action. A man can be influenced by a friend, a relative, a colleague from work, a superior, anyone, even his own descendant.

Groups –
Groups can contain up to ten, twenty people who are gathered around their religious leader and absolutely execute his orders, desires, he teaches them. Often it happens that several of them face a certain man, and then begins processing, influencing, and pressure through various manifestations: providing help, material, spiritual, emotional … (This will be discussed later in the text how this works ).

Organizations –
Organizations are a much more serious story and are more dedicated to their work, and they also have strong support, which is financially, from the specific positions of their followers or even leaders (does not mean that they always have all the conditions for bringing their people to the high positions, nor is it labeled any). Sects that are well-organized work in many ways:

– Charity work
This includes organizations that share aid, help the sick, the helpless. Organizing and registering through various non-governmental organizations financed or personally (each member contributes a dozen of their wages) or through various donations (donated by wealthy members of the sect or money arrives from abroad through non-governmental organizations and various legal assistance). There are also contracts for lifelong support where people who do not have anyone copy the apartments and property of the sect for life-long viewing. It is unfortunate that the family is left with nothing because of the victim’s move.

– A sermon
Members of organizations are trained for missionary work, which is permeated by psychological profiling of people and places in which they operate. Going door-to-door for apartments, houses, sharing promotional materials in squares in major cities, sharing promo materials even in front of primary, secondary schools, and faculties, by organizing various religious forums under the names that contain the “Christian Meeting” or “Interpretation Bibles “or” Theological Tribune “(example). They also appear on television, in a variety of ridiculous shows, astrologers who offer explanations, read natal charts …

– Public activity
Organization of foreign language courses, dance classes, yoga … We also noticed that hairdressing salons, various night clubs, and certain martial arts clubs are used for spreading learning (we noted that these are certain groups, not all people who earn their dinar fairly) , so each club of martial arts is not responsible for this kind of activity, not every nightclub or hairdresser …). Also, various non-governmental organizations (hereinafter NGOs) deal with financing of such groups and planning their expansion. For example, the “Family of Love” organization founded in 1968, based in the United States, California, deals with such work. David Berg, later David Moses was the founder of the sect. His mother worked at the Center for Social Work and they had a passage because they adopted children and indoctrinated them in their sect through brainwashing, learning, sexual orgies, blackmailing etc. … So there are people in state structures dealing with tavim things that fall under public activity.

Seats of all sects in Serbia are in Belgrade. There are also headquarters in Novi Sad, Vrsac, Subotica, Cacak, Novi Pazar, in all major cities …

Mode of action on an individual
The individual when found in an environment that is well known for the activity of the sect, in 90% of cases, is unaware or noticing what is happening around him. The complete operation of the sect is very perfidious and hidden, the imperceptible and seemingly unobtrusive. Members of the sect, carefully make the psychological profile of people in the environment and, of course, after many years of experience, know exactly who is labilistic and who is suitable for “processing”. It starts with getting to know, exchanging phone, facebook, drinking drinks, invitations to go to town, various advertisements by facebook, websites of organizations of this type …
If an individual (hereinafter referred to as victim) deals with something that is of great benefit to the sect, e.g. a banker, a musician, a lawyer, a judge, an officer, a politician, an athlete, an artist … that can be of great use to them in order to cover and expand their activities, is approaching with even greater desire to process the victim. People often think it can be easily noticed. By no means! The treatment of the victim lasts for several months and up to several years, depending on how hard it is. Consuming drink, food, buying seemingly totally nobody-induced gifts, constant admiration, boasting, quenching, finding “gigs” specifically for musicians, taking for example, arranging stalls with various club bosses, helping with the procurement of equipment … Victim abandons, She is happy, she has gained new acquaintances, friends. However, this is slowly turning around for some time and the true expression of the intention of the sect is coming to an end. There are no longer rules for victims to choose. It’s a very bad claim and it’s incorrect that only secured people choose the sects. Incorrectly! They are choosing people whose qualities are used for the purpose of the sect. As I said, a lawyer, that is, The lawyer is chosen so that, for example, To help in legal matters, a banker could have a source of finance (easier to obtain more favorable loans), a more generous victim, a musician is chosen for popularity, where various gigs are organized, even the recording of promo materials, songs in studio, guest on television, where he will attract a large number of young people with his popularity in order to have enough material needed for processing, because he is famous, he succeeded, he is my idol. Further, it is done to examine the life of the victim, who is, what school, the college is attending, the family, the family relationships, how much he earns … When we are with the family, it has the greatest and most important role in the whole story. Unhealthy family relationships cause victims pain, sorrow, depression, even if the family exerts pressure on the victim for any reason, the victim suffers and retreats to himself. This sect is a real chess game! Alleged friends are there to comfort, help, listen, advise, and start slowly separating from the family. “They do not work, you see that they are hurting you, they do not give you progress, you build yourself, you have to have your attitude (this is our attitude), we are here to help you, everything you need. The victim finds consolation with his “new friends” and slowly starts to become less and less communicating with his family and begins to fall under the influence of the sect. The next step is removing former friends, reducing communication with them to the smallest, helpfulness in no way. Non-reporting periods of up to a few months, up to one year or more, a constant saying that there are obligations in the work, how it is dealt with, how hurrying, slowly rejects the neighbors and they begin to leave the victim one at a time. At the moment when everyone is separated from the victim, the sect has a well-prepared terrain for further processing. There slowly moves indoctrination into their ranks, learning. There are ten instructions given to the victim during the psychological treatment of brainwashing:

1. Do not let go of yourself! – Separation from family and neighbors if they have a problem in family relationships and there is constant tension where the victim is criticized for behaving in one way or another or to do it and that.
2. I only understand you! – The sectarian is placed as a pillar and pillar of the victim and thus acquires his trust.
3. Do something for yourself! – buy yourself something, do it, go on to practice some martial arts or go to dance, yoga (?), You will be better … I know one man who keeps …
4. It’s just yours! – After the family starts to notice that something strange happens to the victim, they begin to question, constantly seek explanations for the behavior or situation in which the victim is. Then the sectar says, “Do not explain to anyone what we do, it’s just yours. They do not understand you anyway. ”
5. Consume just what I suggest! -The victim “consumes” only the literature, music, rituals that the sect suggests to be good for him.
6. I’ll interpret you for consuming. – Of course, the sectar explains and clarifies the doubts the victim has about the consumed.
7. See how good you are now! – The victim slowly ceases to feel the pressure she has had from her neighbors, family, friends, stop touching things from the environment, find her peace.
8. It’s not all that looks at you at first glance. – The environment observes change, someone reacts, someone does not, but it is noticed that the victim should keep his peace.
9. You’re above it! – The sector speeds up processing, increases meditation, “prayers”, and does not allow the victim to feel vulnerable, simply removes any influence of other people because they are stupid, they do not know the truth, they are lower in race and class.
10. Why do not you finish it? – Bringing the end of the victim’s treatment and slow initiation in the sect through “baptism,” or some other form of initiation.
After this, we have a new member of the sect.

However, it happens that some victims at one time connect dice and understand what they are doing, whether during the initiation or long-term membership in the sect. There begins a slowly trying to get the victim out of it, but then the sect turns into an offensive. First, responding, convincing, conversations that take place day and night, and when it does not start, then intimidation, threats, sending threatening letters, messages, leaving a sect of the sect at the victim’s door, at work, at the grave places of ancestral ancestors or victims themselves, (a handkerchief with an embroidered black lip on the grave of a boy from Karaburma who was killed at Ada Huja after being cordoned off by a relative in a sect with the intention of killing his family and cursing all the relatives, since the boy would be declared ineffective. The case is, where the Black Rose sect organized a suicide of 14-year-old boys who jumped from the building, into which the girl pushed him, after which beside elementary school Ivan Goran Kovačić in Belgrade, on the asphalt for a long time was a graphite of black rose as a sign of their domination and that the family should give up further investigations). Victims are often flushed through various meditations, exercises, and philosophical conversations, but often through the consumption of narcotics, sexual perversions of all kinds, to which victims become addicted, and if they try to get away, it’s very difficult. We have come to some knowledge that in some clubs in the bar, the victims are for the bar, narcotics that can not be detected by the conventional methods used in our urine and blood tests, because only 5 species are tested, and there are many more. Victims are sometimes killed by belief in the teaching of the sect, which says that death is the only way out, and sometimes because of pressure because they do not want to harm their fellowmen, because although their brain is washed, internal emotional and spiritual connection does not allow them to act, however The only way out is to take your life away. Also, the satanists are engaged in sacrifice, practicing on cats, dogs (we have a case from a couple of years ago where they found houses that were cut off all four paws. Many people abandon their jobs, past occupations that filled them, and dedicate themselves to the full operation of the sect in one way or another.

Satanists are a counterpart to the Christians. The center of everything is Satan, (Devil, Denica, Satanailo, Sheitan, Nepomianik, The One Down … He has many names). The Satanists propagate all that is contrary to God, so doing everything that is your will, you yourself are God. “Take everything that gives you life, today you have a flower, bring in the rose tomorrow” – folk song. The Satanists “accuse” the blood of animals, and there are allegations that they come to the church, where they take a holy priesthood, hold it in their mouths, spit out into a jar and then trample on him, and spit on him at all his “Black Masses” imaginable and unimaginable ways. We have a case from the New Banovites, where the satanist killed a childhood friend and his 5-year-old sister in order to bring the sacrifice of Satan, slaughtering them in a tub with a sniper and burial part of the body in the yard and throwing the rest into the river. The police report talks about pentagram, bowls with blood, buried skeletons of cats, pigeons, kerova in the yard of the house.
Organizations of a secular type are used by mind control or “programming” – as the American definition of altered state of consciousness, the change in the social environment in which the victim resides and her view of the world around him. Every man has consciousness and subconscious mind. According to scientific research, man treats everything he sees and sees consciously and accordingly reacts. However, consciousness processes a certain number of data, which is only about 5%. For the other 95%, the subconscious is responsible. Everything that a person sees enters the subconscious, where the information is firstly processed, and then after a while they sail into consciousness, when there are certain conditions for it: the perception of the scent (which, for example, resembles the house of birth), the scene of a film, the pain (which is, someone has lived long ago and when he sees a man with the same problem “return the movie” he had previously tried to forget). The modes of “programming” people in sects and cults are less, more similar, but there are different means to achieve this. We will mention one of the latest techniques, which is NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), which brings man into a state of susceptibility. The authors of the NLP book, Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour, say: “A few well-chosen words at the right time can change our lives. Changing one small particle of memory may change our entire state of consciousness “… This means that satanic and other dangerous groups, in the process of brainwashing, ritualism, meditation, mantra and similar activities, plan their ideas, selected expressions and texts, which in special state of consciousness dwells in the subconscious of individuals, which then overwhelm their consciousness. In other words, NLP is a cunning conversation with the human subconscious, which “swallows” 95% of all the information that the brain receives. (*) Only 7% of human communication takes place through speech, i.e. language. Other communication takes place through mimics, behavior, body language, reaction to certain situations. So, first, a lifestyle changes to a person, “they impose” a new life regime, and then they convince them of what a man with an altered state of consciousness also wants. Consciousness protects man from false impressions, unlike the subconscious, which does not bring anything to doubt. Therefore, the techniques used for manipulation are very dangerous, in which the consciousness of the victim is circumvented and the new material is inserted into the subconscious directly. Drugs, alcohol, sexual instincts are a good basis for the “re-socialization” of man, for his opening, because all the guards are falling through the enjoyment of these weddings, and the sensation of bliss, which is actually negative, is in no way positive.
We will mention here another unofficial information we came up with regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses:
Specifically, when contacting Jehovah’s Witnesses, a member in charge of your recruitment will arrange a meeting in a public place. A discussion on the topic of sports, music, art, dance, religion, sex is being prepared in order to determine the interests of the victim. The data is sent to the “central” where the team meets the team to say “their” experts who analyze the information. After a serious analysis of the personality of the victim, the next meeting refers to a guy or girlfriend who “corresponds” with the victim’s description of the personality and who will continue to treat the victim exactly as she expects, until she reaches the level of recruitment and does not become a member.

The look of the sectarian
The sect’s appearance varies. They can be attacked with tattoos, pirsinisms, specific hair styles and dress styles, and they can also fit into society that they are totally unmatched by other “ordinary” people. There are no rules.

Need for mysticism
It is well known in our people that it touches the tree, not to hear evil, “let it go far away”, “move from” the place “… Such customs are of pagan origin. Take, for example, typing in wood. The Old Believers believed that spirits live in trees, so while they talked about something “important” in order not to get bored, they knocked in the woods so that they would not hear spirits, so that they would not spoil their plans. Because of the very low religious awareness in the Serbs, we come to the point that people go to the guards, the guards, the energy engineer, the astrologer, whatever kind of doctors. Because that’s what my mother and grandma and prababas did …

Every man, believer, unbeliever, atheist, gnostic, agnostic … in any case, a citizen of the Republic of Serbia should be informed about the work of the sect, and also about religious teachings and their attitudes whether it was Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism … People unconsciously embark on certain religious directions without previous religious education, interests, blinded by money, self-interest, the power they receive, or even simply mysticism, even more if they do not stand out in their lives, find a way to stand out . I would ask all people to take care of who they are in, who they are receiving in the family circle, with whom their children associate, contact. If any changes or problems occur, contact the competent authorities. Better to prevent than to treat. Knowledge protects, not knowledge can cost us dearly.

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Author: Nemanja Ivancic