Serbia has MILOS

The Serbian army presented a something similar to the American Hammer, a new armored military vehicle called “Milos”. See what challenges Milos will be able to answer, on what grounds it will be able to move, and what all the predispositions it characterizes, and whether it is worthy of a representative of a military armored vehicle of the future.

Multipurpose armored vehicle “Miloš”, intended for scouting, patrol and special operations and protected from the effects of anti-tank mines and improvised explosive devices, all-wheel drive.

It is a reliable solution, which is considered by the world professional public as firm enough for heavy terrain, but also comfortable for passengers in the vehicle. The weight of the empty vehicle is seven tons, and with the crew and the most difficult weaponry option it reaches up to 14 tons.

“Ran Flet” tires allow the movement of vehicles of 50 kilometers per hour in situations where the tire is punctured or damaged by enemy fire.

“Miloš” has air conditioning, protection from atomic, biological and chemical attacks, modern means of connection and devices for driving at night.

Different weapon systems can be installed on the vehicle, and premiere is shown with DUBS station 12, mm. and youtube chanel Defence SAF