Signed a contract with the most awarded full contact club Belgrade

Today, the Center for Security, investigation and defense DBA signed an important contract with full contact club Belgrade. This contract for the Centre mean a lot. Our friends from full contact club Beograd will assist in the projects being worked with Center DBA.

The owners and trainers of full contact club Beograd, Kristijan Pavlovic and Nina Koroman have long been organizing training and workshops with children and youth, and constantly tend to our children grow up with sports, away from the street and the bad things. Through sport who promote, educate young people that all violence is wrong, it is a noble thing to help others. They are often run and successfully carried on their work and humanitarian action in his municipality.

Center for Security, investigation and defense DBA is proud to becomes part of the family of full contact club Belgrade. All members of the Center DBA will have a 20% discount on the monthly fee in full contact club Belgrade.

Nina Koroman, Kristijan Pavlovic i Stevan Djokic in Center DBA office.