Signed an agreement of cooperation with APPI

Association of psychological and polygraph tests (APPI) and the Center for Security, investigation and defense DBA, signed an agreement on joint action and cooperation.

Signatures on the agreement in Banja Luka were put Sasa Milovanovic, president of the Association of psychological and polygraph tests, and Stevan Djokic, president DBA.

Sasa Milovanovic, President of Association of psychological and polygraph tests (APPI)

APPI is committed to according to their capacities and capabilities, to support and participate in all the activities for the needs of DBA. Also, APPI will be on their call to give support in terms of forensic psychophysiology, physiology, psychology, criminology.

If necessary, APPI will provide services of psychological profiling, family counseling, psychology of lying, psychological expertise, psychotherapy, polygraph testing, seminars, training for members of the DBA and their families, and all persons estimated by the DBA.

The agreement further states that will join forces to fight against human rights violations and all forms of discrimination, intolerance, and all this in order to create a fairer environment for life seeking the truth.

On the other hand, the DBA has the obligation to support and participate in all the activities for the purposes of the APPI. This refers to support in terms of psychology, Polygraphies, human rights, fundamental freedoms and laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as other documents that are in official use in BiH. Pursuant to the Agreement, the DBA will APPI legal support in the implementation of the common or individual goals.

DBA through the Agreement undertook to educate and inform APPI to the following topics: detective work, FTO, auxiliary police, the fight against trafficking in human beings, drugs, cults, terrorism and counterterrorism and other areas that are in the domain of DBA work.