Signing the contract with the Urban jutsu club Vrsac

Today was signed the contract on business – technical cooperation with the Urban jutsu club Vrsac training center for security and bodyguards, with Mr. Srdjan Ratkovic.

Srdjan Ratkovic, the master Jiu Jitsu 8 day grade and founder of Urban Style jutsu 10 day master. Recognized style in 28 countries and Srdjan Ratkovic so far has been awarded 13 times in world house world fame Hall of Fame in Lisbon, then the European Hall of Fame Hall of Fame in Barcelona and the home of the world honor Hall of Honors in Barcelona.
He received the award slave Montenegro in Budva. Led and leads seminars across Egypt, Bangladesh, Barcelona, ​​Portugal, Italy, Israel. Urban Style jutsu is a style of self-defense on the street and style for the security and bodyguards for which won the award this year in Budva.
From clubs and sections now has a major center in Vrsac, section of Belgrade, Smederevo, Jasenova. Globally recognized and highly respected in the world of martial arts circles as well as organizations dealing with the training of security and bodyguards.

We are proud of the fact that Srdjan Ratkovic and his club became members of the Center for Security, investigation and defense of the DBA.

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