ŠIK plans new campaigns throughout Serbia

The ŠIK, the non-existent Kosovo state intelligence service – Sherbimi informativ i Kosoves, (officially disbanded 2008, but still active, now have another name AKI), has stepped up its activities not only in the territory of the southern Serbian province, but throughout Serbia. The main goal is to recruit our citizens, and the action itself is financed from abroad, primarily from Albania, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

This dangerous intelligence service was formed by the Albanian service SIS, the successor to Sigurimi. During the NATO aggression on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and later, the ŠIK largely removed the rivals of Hashim Thaci and dealt with the acquisition of weapons for the terrorist KLA. Prior to the aggression, members of the ŠIK were mostly blackmailed and frightened by ethnic Albanian population who did not support the KLA terrorists. At that time, at the head of the SIK, Azem Sulja was Thaci’s uncle, Kadri Veselji, Javit Haliti and other powerful men who still control organized crime today.

The arrival of EULEX strengthened the ŠIK, and members of this intelligence service easily occupied strong positions in all regional KPS directors. It is known that the former director of the KPS Resat Malići has submitted a list to the German BND agents as well as the British MI6 with the names of all members of the SEC, the names of highly-placed members of the EULEX who were on the payroll of the SEC and the names of all employees of the service. After that, Malići was replaced and in his place was placed Spend Mađuni, which is said to be young staff of ŠIK.

In the documents of the US State Department, there is a document linking the Albanian intelligence service SIS with Kosovo’s Shik, in which they write that they are an excellent partner with the US government, and that there is close cooperation in intelligence activities.

Stevan Djokic