Successfully completed the course on the topic “Secret surveillance tactics”

Today, in the premises of the Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA, a course on the topic “Secret surveillance tactics” has been successfully completed. The course was attended by forty students from all over Serbia. There was a lot of interest and many requests to attend this course could not be processed. The classroom was small, but we managed to pack up and bring good and good impressions from this course, but also knowledge.

Mr. Ilija Zivotic and Mr. Stevan Djokic

The course was led by Stevan Djokic, an investigative and security advisor, a former police officer and a private detective who spent the last 15 years in the private security sector. Relevant issues related to this topic, pedestrian tracking, vehicle, combined, with various devices such as GPS, which course participants could see, were processed. We also talked about legal bases regarding secret surveillance. The emphasis was mainly on the preparation of this operational-tactical action. At the end of the course, the participants were divided into groups and received certain tasks, and afterwards they explained how they performed the same tasks. 

Mr. Stevan Djokic and Mr. Dragan Pantic

The participants of the course were greeted by the president of the International Police Organization, Mr. Ilija Zivotic, as well as the president of the World Police Counter-Terrorism Organization, Mr. Dragan Pantic.

The DBA Security, Investigation and Defense Center will continue to organize courses like this and similar courses after which students will also receive certificates.