Terrorist arrested in Belgrade: Leak information or panic spread?

Most of the media published a news article about the arrest of the Wahhabi Igor Despotovic who was preparing a terrorist attack in Belgrade. According to the media, he planned to carry out the identical attack that took place in Barcelona in August this year when the Moroccan Junes Abujakub fell into a crowd of people.

The question arises as to how the information about the arrest of this Wahhabis came to the press, but also whether this news was distributed to the media in order to create panic among the citizens of Serbia.

Namely, in the media we can read all the important information about the arrested Despotovic. Among other things, it was from the time it was processed, whether it worked independently, everything that was found in it during the arrest, and even the phone numbers it used. How did the journalists come to all this information? Is this a result of the leakage of information from the MIA and the BIA, since some media do not hide it from the source of “close investigations”?

On the other hand, since the MIA and the BIA did not comment on this news, the question arises whether this news was released to the media only to create panic and scare the people? Who does it correspond to the spread of panic in Serbia?

We do not doubt the capability of our security structures when it comes to preventing terrorist attacks. We believe that there is an excellent and professional staff here. However, if there is leakage of this type of information, the situation is very serious and the authorities must seriously approach it. The fight against terrorism is a serious matter and it is very devastating if information of this type can be available to anyone.

We do not doubt that the media had a bad intention to report on the arrest of a terrorist, but no matter how it was written, was such news to be published? Will Serbia now sleep peacefully?

Stevan Djokic