Terrorist attack in Zvornik, a policeman killed

One policeman was killed and two wounded when an armed Wahhabi with a rifle pumped into the Zvornik police station and shot at police officers. The attacker was liquidated in the exchange of fire, RTRS reported. The attacker was identified as Nerdin Ibrić.

The terrorist drove in front of a police station in black “Golf 2” around 19 October and, with the cry of “Alahu ekber”, fell into the police station and immediately started shooting from the pump, reports ATV.

Police officer Dragan Djuric was killed, and Zeljko Gajic and Stevo Milovanovic were wounded.

As Radio Television of Republika Srpska discovers, the police succeeded in overcoming the attacker and killing him. The injured policemen were immediately transferred to the Zvornik hospital. One of them got serious injuries.

The Zvornik Hospital Emergency Surgeon Miroslav Prodanovic told RTS that wounded policemen were in a stable condition and out of life.

“One police officer has a bullet wound on his right shoulder and others injured both hands and is in an intensive care unit. Their situation is being monitored, “Prodanovic said.

Republika Srpska Interior Minister Dragan Lukač said that it was the worst terrorist act and that police preparedness was up to the highest level.

“We will not allow terrorists to rule, security has been raised to the highest level. We said that the fight against terrorism is necessary, we need to protect our policemen, citizens and institutions, because this can be the beginning of many of the worst events in Republika Srpska. We will take all possible measures to protect citizens, “said Lukač.

Lukač confirmed that the assailant was identified as Nerdin Ibrić, born in 1991 in the village of Sapna near Zvornik, adding that the previous investigation showed that Ibrić knew when the police officers were in the station, which he used to attack.

The attack was carried out at the time of the shift at the police station, which means that the attacker knew when the shift was being done and that then he had the most police officers, “Lukač told the Nezavisne novine portal.

According to him, the assailant came in front of the police station, shot a rifle and killed a policeman at the door.

“After that, he went inside and continued to shoot, wounding two more policemen. The other policemen shot at him and the assailant was killed during an exchange of fire, “said Lukač.

The Minister of Security of BiH Dragan Mektić said that such things can not be tolerated and announced that a crackdown and repressive action will be initiated in cooperation with the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

As he pointed out, three days ago there was intelligence about a possible terrorist attack.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told RTS that he has already met twice with Milorad Dodik, announcing that the RS prime minister will travel to Belgrade for two days, where he will meet with Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic.

Vucic condemned the attack on the Zvornik Police Station and announced that Serbia would assist the Republika Srpska on the basis of the Dayton Accord without destroying anyone’s integrity.

According to his words, the attack on the Police Station in Zvornik is terrible news, both for RS and Serbia.

The Prime Minister of Serbia also sent a telegram of condolences to the Prime Minister and the President of the Republika Srpska, saying that he was strongly endowed with the knowledge of the most terrible attack in which a policeman was killed.

“It is difficult in the moments of a great tragedy to find comfort words for the family of a man who dedicated his life to preserving peace and security,” the telegram said.

Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic spoke with Serbian Interior Minister Dragan Lukac tonight, and he expressed his sympathy.

Stefanovic said that the MUP of Serbia undertakes all necessary measures within its jurisdiction to prevent similar occurrences in its territory and provide all necessary support to the Republika Srpska police in the fight against terrorism.

“The Republic of Serbia, in cooperation with all countries of the Western Balkans region, within the framework of the ISIL Coalition, participates in the suppression of terrorist threats,” stressed Stefanovic.

Source: rts.rs