Thaci with the help of America wants to get Kosovo into Interpol

What is behind the news that the Kosovo police arrested alleged BIA members from Serbia in yesterday’s action? In the media controlled by Thaci, it was rumored that the elite unit of the Kosovo police arrested yesterday several persons who are on the Interpol wanted list. Allegedly, among these persons are also associates or members of the BIA from Serbia, which of course has not been proven.

Namely, two Montenegrin nationals were arrested, who were on the request of the Podgorica Interpol. This is a co-operation between the Montenegrin and Kosovo police, based on the operational information provided by the Montenegrin police to the police in Kosovo. There is no mention of BIA associates from Serbia.

However, the real question is why did Thaci’s media (before all publish the news that the action was conducted under the supervision of Interpol and that BIA associates were arrested? It is obvious that this way promotes the entry of a false state of Kosovo into Interpol. Of course, it is more than obvious here that they have the assistance of Montenegro. Now it’s no longer a secret that the Tramp administration has prepared a lot of money to get Kosovo into Interpol and even the United Arab Emirates requested financial assistance for this matter.

Making such scandals by Thaci and sending the wrong picture to the world has been known to us for a long time. The Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA believes that this kind of flawed propaganda by Thaci will not be the last, and it gives full support to the state leadership of Serbia to fight against the fake state of Kosovo, which is a creations of a terrorist UCK, not to enter in Interpol.

Stevan Djokic
Center for security, investigation and defense DBA