The first Basic shooting course in Pozarevac was completed

The first Basic shooting course in Pozarevac was completed. Organizers Ratković Srdjan Dušan Radijković and DBA Security Center.

Members of the club Urban jutsu and members of the wing chun club Požerevac with the members of DBA Belgrade took part. “This is the first training of the security center and we hope that tactical shooting will be organized in July. 50 participants participated. We thank everyone, “said Ratkovic Srđan, a member of the DBA Center and one of the martial arts instructors of this center.

Participants had the opportunity to try and demonstrate skills in practical shooting on the polygon and compare their abilities.

Such meetings increase the security level not only of individuals but of society as a whole, it is especially desirable for girls and ladies to learn the basics of weapon handling and try out practical shooting.

Today’s society needs instead to victimize women – to enable them to be equal with men, which means they are capable and trained for self-defense both martial arts and firearms – because weapons are not only for men – but with anyone who wants to defend yourself or your family.

Urban jutsu club and members are also members of the DBA Security Center.