The Greek mafia put up fires?!

US drones are heavily involved in the quest for monsters, suspected of setting up a fire in Greece, where at least 74 people have died so far, including a large number of children!

Greek authorities have requested assistance from the US Army to locate people who have laid down deadly fires around Athens. 

At least 74 people were killed on Monday in forest fires in settlements near Athens, among them the youngest baby of six months, Reuters reports, citing an unnamed Greek fire brigade official. According to the reports, at least 187 people, including 23 children, were injured in fires.
The Defense Council of Greece sent specially trained members of the Armed Forces and the National Guard to assist civilian fire protection patrols, the Greek portal “Kathimerini” reports.

The Council meeting was convened by Defense Minister Panos Kamenos after flooding the ravaged area east of the Greek capital. The council decided that Greek and Allied drones, as well as planes, would help civil defense in collecting data from parts of the country that are still at particular risk of fire or deliberate fire. These measures are introduced after speculation that the fire in eastern Attica and several fires in the Corinth region are planted.

Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Toskas suggested something like this on Monday, stating that three of the four fires were closed on Sunday in almost the same place where the fire began on Monday – on the slopes of Mount Pentella. The fire then spread to the coast.

“These fires are not accidentally,” he said.

In the meantime, the Supreme Court of Greece ordered an investigation into the causes of the fire in eastern Attica. Firing is not a rarity in Greece, especially during the summer months. In 2007, 77 people were killed in aggravated fires, and then it was established that a building mafia was set up in order to change the purpose of the land that was under the protection of the state. Namely, after the fire, the protected zones were transferred to the construction site.

The fires are fought by ordinary criminals who plundered abandoned houses and villas. The spread of the fire is affected by strong winds and drought, the rain did not fall for two weeks, and the temperature had a significant share as it went over 30 degrees.

Prescribed the recipe from the Italian Mafia

Last year at the time, Italian firefighters fought more than 1,000 fires across Italy. Namely, then the Italian mafia was accused of launching large fires spreading over the slopes of Vezuv near Naples, which led to numerous evacuations, but also in other parts of Italy.

They used cats for fires. Thousands of hectares of forest then burned Sicily, and it is believed that the fire was planted by Sicilian mafia with the help of cats. Investigators suspect that members of a mafia family tied cats filled with cats with a cotton wick soaked with petrol and let them flee into the forest, after which a huge fire broke out.
Serbian people are with their Greek brothers! Pray for Grece!