The minister does not forget the hero

“We must not forget the families and children of no members of the MUP who sacrificed their lives for the safety of the citizens of Serbia. We will always be there for them “- these are the words of Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic who recently sent to the family of the deceased gendarmerie Stevan Sindjelic during a visit to Stevana’s wife Marine and son Vuk in their apartment in Vrnjacka Banja. Together with the Minister, the family of a colleague who was killed three years ago in the clearing with Albanian foresters in the KZB, was visited by State Secretary Biljana Popovic Ivkovic and Director of the Police Vladimir Rebic.

How to characterize this gesture rather than the high-minded, as a gesture of a true pet with the tragedy of a modest family of gendarmes. At a time when heroic action is more viewed with disbelief, and sacrifice for any ideals is considered excessive and unnecessary, one should not forget that his colleague Sindjelic gave the most valuable thing to his service – his life. And that is high price and his colleagues, as well as minstar with associates. For this purpose, Minister Stefanovic also sent a proposal to the members of the Assembly of the Municipality of Vrnjacka Banja, that at their session on September 4, one of the streets in this place will be named after his heroic fellow citizen.

An example provided by Minister Stefanovic and associates is a significant incentive for all members of the ministry. Prizes, cash prizes, decorations have their professional and moral value, but direct support for those who lost their loved ones in the service simply has no price, it is not measurable by the amount of humanity provided in these circumstances. This example must also serve senior officers at lower levels of leadership, to keep in mind that official tasks are not exercised by colleagues only as their subordinates, but are also people who are willing to sacrifice their lives in these tasks, as he did and Stevan Sindjelic.

Police and police officers’ union
President Blazo Markovic