The new chaos will spark a new wave of migration to Europe

The attack in Syria has shown that western powers have once again shown that they have no respect for international law and have taken action after several publications on social networks, the alleged chemical weapons attack, which was confirmed by the US Defense Secretary as the only source of information, we saw that the EU however, there is no common foreign policy which justifiably puts into doubt the possibility of forming a kind of European army or an organization that would take care of the collective security of Europe, according to security expert Ilija Zivotic from Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA.

– Attacks on a land that now needs support in restoring infrastructure after the collapse of a terrorist organization called the so-called ” The Islamic state can be the driver of a new wave of migration towards European countries. In this case, it is inevitable that the migrants find terror again, transferring some of their weapons and equipment to their routes in Europe, and that France and the United Kingdom are the scene of new attacks by terrorists, said Zivotic, from the Center DBA.

He asks whether control of the territory through which pipelines and oil pipelines from Qatar to Europe and the dollars that come with it should be, is worth the risk of terrorist attacks and endangering the way of life in Europe.

– The number of those killed in France in the terrorist attacks since 2015 is close to 300, and last year alone, 20 dangerous attacks have been prevented. This tendency will not be reduced by cutting Assad.

I think that France shows its teeth in the wrong place, it must first regain control over a few dozen of the fourth of Paris, Marseille, Lyon, where they have no access to years of power, where radicalization and the creation of new extremist groups are created, Zivotic said.

In the end, the question arises whether the conflict in Syria is a conflict between people, religions, good and evil, or a conflict between the elites over resources and territories where both Asad and radical Islam are only players with limited mandate and maneuvers, he concludes.

Source: Courier.