The ordinary dron from a shopping center can become a killer device

The attempt to attack 13 unmanned aircraft loaded with improvised mines on two Russian bases in Syria (Hameem’s military airport in Latakia and Tartus military base) made the Russian military top publicly warn that terrorism had moved to the sky and could be attacked in the same way facilities in any country of the world.

On the occasion of this event, security expert Ilija Zivotic says that security experts are proposing to strengthen the system of protection against possible attacks in the New Year’s holidays before the New Year’s holidays. The most expensive dron bought in a shopping center for less than 100 euros can be refitted in the home version for killer intentions like a mini-bomber carrying 200 grams of radioactive material or modern explosives, and such devices that do not need to be recorded at the time of purchase are the greatest danger in our case, said Zivotic who is President of Section 5 Antiterrorism in Center DBA.

Ilija Zivotic, Centra DBA

– Of course, in the Middle East, terrorists use much larger droplets that can take several dozen kilograms of dangerous goods. I suggest that a special unit be formed as soon as possible in the security forces to train for the destruction of the drones. The Israeli men were the most advanced people here, due to the slow approach of terrorist groups to their territory. In the past years, ISIS has worked closely with Hamas in arms smuggling to become familiar with secret channels and the possibility of passing through the territory of Egypt and Palestine. Although there was a split between them which culminated in the forefront of Mohamed Al

Danyni, who published a video in which Hamas is to be liquidated, must not forget that a large number of members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas have remained faithful to ISIS, which has resulted in the strengthening of his reputation in that area. Calls for the Palestinians to join ISIS as the true enemy of America and Israel are the signalers who warn. According to intelligence, Mossad considers these channels as a possible way for Terrorist groups to enter Israel and carry out the attack of the drones, said Zivotic.

He states that it is necessary to skip the sucker and ask for the advice of the one who is the best in the matter of matter and to train people for electronic combat, as well as the use of birds of prey to kill the drones.

– Of course, every better dron can be successfully restructured and be a “low-sky” guard of potential evil thugs.

The sniper unit has limited capacity to fight the thunderstorms because of the drone’s ability to quickly maneuver and fear a civilian is hit by a friendly fire so it should be used to crash when it’s the only option When all the other options have been scheduled at a slightly higher height, or when the dron is in place with fewer people, concluded Zivotic.

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