Vulin: Uncompromisingly against terrorism

Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin sent a letter of condolences to his Egyptian counterpart, General Sadko Sobhi, Sayyid Ahmed, on the occasion of a terrorist attack on a military checkpoint in northern Sinai.

An Egyptian officer and five soldiers were killed when their vehicle was attacked during an attack on a military checkpoint in northern Sinai, the Egyptian army said earlier today.

Vulin said in a telegram that he was shocked by the news of a terrorist attack in which the wounded members of the Egyptian armed forces were tragically killed.

“I take this opportunity to convey to you, on behalf of the members of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, your expressions of sincere condolences. Members of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces are in pain for this tragic event,” the telegram reads.

Vulin also emphasized the importance of a common and uncompromising fight against terrorism, which is constantly endangering and undermining the values ​​of contemporary civilization and society, the Ministry of Defense announced.

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