Wahhabism occurence in Bosnia

Inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ie. all three constituent peoples in BiH Serbs, Croats and Muslims in not being very knowledgeable with a branch of Islam Wahhabism, since this branch of Islam did not exist in BiH before the war. After the outbreak of the civil war, the inhabitants of this country are faced with Wahhabism and the people who interpret this kind of Islamic religion.

What is Wahhabism ??? The founder of Wahhabism Muhammad ibn Abdel Wahhab (1703-1792), scholar and religious leader after whom the Wahhabi movement was named. Wahhabism or Salafism can be called fundamentalist movement within Sunni Islam, as advocated by returning to the basic and original Islamic teachings Wahhabism had no foothold in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the civil or religious war, when you come into the country and Muslim fighters from Arab countries. After the war, few of these foreign fighters decides to stay on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they get the citizenship of the country, such as marrying girls of the Muslim religion in rural parts of the country.
With the help of Arab donations begin to spread Wahhabi interpretation of Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Invested huge financial resources in the construction of mosques, Islamic centers and educational institutions, for the operation of youth centers, soup kitchens and other charities, scholarships for education of students who are sent to the Islamic universities in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries where they are educated in the spirit salafizma and Wahhabism.
These graduates “scholars” of various non-governmental organizations play a major role in the expansion and operation of Wahhabi religious doctrine in the period from 2001. until today, otherwise until then the main missionaries of religious learning in BiH’s been afro / Asians former members of the Mujahedin jihadist forces residing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The difference between the Wahhabi in BiH and the Muslims of Bosnia-Herzegovina is that it will Wahhabi, through the interpretation of the Koran in their own way, to die for Islam, while Muslim, through the interpretation of the Koran in their own way, want to live Islam. Wahhabis in Bosnia’s Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Wahhabis have their strongholds in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Upper Maoča, Bočinja, Dubnica, refreshing, Iron Box … in some places apply Sharia law rather than the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wahhabism is not a terrorist organization, but if you take the practice Wahhabism then arises terrorism. Why do I say? Wahhabism tends to extremism, and extremism when you go into practice we will get terrorism. Not every extremism in practice terrorism or any act of terrorism is the extremism. All terrorists are extremists, but not all extremist terrorists.

Author: Jovan Nedeljkovic – International Police Organization