Youth camps for military and terrorist training in our vicinity

Terrorist camps still exist in Kosovo and this is a public secret. There are as many as five. These camps were previously trained by KLA terrorists and now members of DAESH. According to the latest information, about 400 members from Kosovo are fighting for this terrorist group. Approximately 100 Albanian families have joined this movement, and at least 60 children under the age of 17 live in camps, according to the parents’ consent.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, more precisely in the Federation there are over 70 airsoft clubs that actively train over a thousand people, half of them under the age of 18. These clubs regularly maintain training camps and large money as donations receive from Saudi Arabia. The War Zone Igman is also known, where former combatants of the BiH Army are often gathered. Also, one of the better known is the Crna Munja – Cazinska Krajina group, which in their videos often call for a new war against the Serbs. Air soft weapons can easily be replaced by real ones.

Facebook stranica Crna Munja – Cazinska Krajina

In BiH there is also a group of Askeri that trains children. They are Wahhabis who teach children military skills. Askers are pegged to the line of extreme groups in BiH. One of the founders and member of the Board of Directors is Naser Oric.

Montenegro went one step further. They organize an “Summer Camp for Youth” each year for 15 days. This year there were 45 high school students from Montenegro and 5 from Macedonia. This camp is organized by the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro.

The Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA considers that military training camps should exist in Serbia, but to be under the control of a state that will make a good program with only one goal – bringing the army closer to the youth who would be subjected to the basic war in these camps training and military life, and in this way interested campus participants for possible professional occupation of a military call, which should be the sublime act of anyone who decides to serve his country.